How Does a Mobile Auto Repair Service Work?


Customers who have a hard time getting to auto repair shops now have the option of mobile auto repair. According to the video, this is a convenience where the shop comes to the home to do a basic auto repair service with online booking and quotes for services before arriving.

These mechanics arrive at the home diligently, with their own tools and years of experience working on auto repair for various vehicles. Tools are inspected regularly so that they have the tools and equipment necessary to conduct service.

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Payments are also handled online when the appointment is booked and are at the going rate for the area.

It’s important to note that these mechanics use name-brand equipment and products for filters, oil changes, and any other service that is being done on-site. The platform is easy to use and can be booked just like a standard service for the dealership service center. Customers will see that they can choose from EOM parts or aftermarket parts depending on what is available or what their preferences may be.

This information is provided upfront, and the customer receives a full description of what was used. There are some services that they will not tackle, simply because of neighborhood regulations and being out in the public. Any auto repair service that will take over three hours must come into the shop.

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