The Difference Between Aftermarket and OEM Auto Glass Replacement


Your car’s glass is an important safety aspect of your vehicle. This keeps debris out of the vehicle, both at a standstill and while moving at speed. All windshields are designed to take the impact of small objects at highway speed, but when the glass is cracked, it is more vulnerable to failure. Even small cracks should be inspected by an auto glass replacement specialist.

The vehicle owner does have options when replacing the glass on their car.

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They can get the glass designed specifically for their make and model and recommended by the manufacturer, or they choose to use an aftermarket option that is frequently less expensive. Which of these is the right choice?

Some may think that because one glass is less expensive, it’s more prone to dramatic failure. However, all auto glass sold in the US undergoes in-depth testing to ensure it’s safe for use, so all glass should be equally as safe.

The expert in the embedded video does mention that if certain features in your car require sensing or taking readings through the window, the glass must meet certain opacity specs. If it’s too clouded, that feature may not work as intended.

If you feel as though you need your windshield replaced, reach out to your local auto glass replacement specialist for more information.

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